Thursday, 10 February 2011

A small victory - files are organised!

I've finished!

This horrible pile of files and papers has now been transformed ...

My beautiful new filing!
... and now looks like this! I did have a bit of a dilemma when choosing my new files - when our office is finally completed the files might be on show, so I wanted to choose something I could stand to see on a daily basis. Spotty purple folders will always make me smile!

The newly streamlined cupboard
I faffed about with the cupboard last night, and removed, rehomed, shredded and recycled quite a bit, so even the cupboard is looking better.

The blue and red files on the bottom shelf belong to himself - I wonder how he would feel about purple spotty folders ...


  1. Looks great :), i love being organised and clutter free!!


  2. Thank you - I must admit I open the cupboard and peek inside each time I walk past lol