Saturday, 25 September 2010

One of my favourite things ...

The nights are drawing in, there's a lovely crisp feeling in the air in the morning - autumn is nearly here. I love autumn, and the snuggly feeling of a brand new, soft scarf round my neck, kicking the leaves the council totally fail to collect from my road, and the feeling of beginning and newness. Which is bizarre, when you think about it, as autumn is the end of summer! Years of school (me and my children) have meant that I associate September with a bright, shiny brand new term stretched out in front of me. New pens and pencils, a new pencil case, new shoes and a fresh school year, full of possibilities. If I were the type to make resolutions (which I'm not) then September would be the time I'd make them.

This is the first autumn for a while that I haven't been embarking on an Open University course - I'm taking a break while I battle with the LEA for funding for Big Son's specialist college. I never thought I'd miss it, but I do. One more course to go, and I'll have my honours degree (and a shameful desire to wave it in the faces of everyone who thought I couldn't do it *blush*).

I've been to the garden centre today, and bought all my autumn bedding plants, and have spent a few hours battling my bashed up and worn out petunias to get them out of their pots. There's nothing like a bit of gardening to make me realise that I'm not a gardener!

By far the best thing about the autumn is that it's on the way to my absolutely most favourite time of the year - Christmas. Yes, I mentioned the 'C' word, so shoot me!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A skinny latte to go? No, thank you ....

I haven’t always been a SAHM. Oh no, once I had a proper life, with a job, and everything. And you know, I used to get up on a weekday morning with enough time to shower, dress, eat breakfast and drink a cup of tea (no coffee for me, personal preference). And then I managed the Herculean task of travelling from my home to my desk (about 50 minutes on a really good day) without having to buy a hot drink in a horrible paper cup with a stupid lid with a hole, like a toddler’s sippy cup, to drink on the way. What has happened to people now that they can’t do this? Surely coffee (or tea, if you’re like me) in a cup tastes much nicer? And sitting at your desk, in comfort, or at home, watching the news, is better?

I blame the US – we seem to suck up everything they do, and do it ourselves, whether it’s good or bad. One day, there will be stands on our street corners selling those huge and revolting turkey legs like they have in the Orlando theme parks, and people will walk around with them, tearing the meat off with their teeth. People, we need to sit down and eat our food – even if it’s only ten minutes to eat a sandwich. And we need to know it's possible to walk from A to B without needing a cup of coffee to do it.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Well. Hello.

Welcome. Everyone and his cat, and possibly his cat's uncle, has a blog, so I thought I'd get me one too. I don't do anything of any consequence, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for other bloggers. So you find me on a rainy July afternoon, a week before Big Son breaks up from school, plonked on the sofa with my laptop, and no inspiration. It's not been a good day - my washing machine broke. I kill them in about 6 years, and this one has managed to reach 6 and a half years in the Lemon household, and is holding on by its fingernails. Repair Man says he will get the parts and fix it next Tuesday, so I will be mountaineering over the piles of washing by the end of the weekend. Joy.

So, nothing fun happening here. Check back later (I can dream, can't I?!)