Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cable and lead clutter

Every device that enters this house seems to have its own entourage of leads and cables. For some reason, other people in this house just shove them in a drawer and forget about them. This means when it comes to declutter time, I find numerous important-looking leads, but nobody has a clue what they are for, and what they belong to! It was driving me bonkers, until I decided two things.

Thing number one - all leads and cables should be labelled when they arrive in the house - I love my LetraTag label maker!

Thing number two - all the various cables I find during the course of my decluttering, that cannot be identified, are moved to a lidded plastic box in the utility room cupboard.

Then we know where to go to look for them, as they aren't scattered throughout the house, wherever people (ahem ... son number 2, you know who you are!) decide to put them. This worked really well when my husband wanted to sell a computer moniter, but couldn't find the VGA connector, as it was safe in the box (you can see it in the picture - it's the blue cable on the left!).

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