Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Facing my nemesis - paperwork!

Paperwork gives me the heebie-jeebies. And our home filing system was set up when we were a no children, no car, two cat family. Now we are a two children, two car, one cat family and the system is struggling! Here are some shaming photos of our current 'system'.

Left cupboard
Right cupboard

Now, the top shelf in the right cupboard is all paperwork to do with statementing, IEPs and other things to do with my elder son's disability. As we are in the middle of The Big Fight for Funding for specialist college, all this needs to be at hand. The pale blue lever arch file and the purple file on the top shelf of the left cupboard is also to do with his disability benefits. The files I want to concentrate on are these two babies.

I don't know why I use lever arch files - it's not like I leaf through our bank statements and energy bills on a regular basis! But I find them easier to file things in. However, these two files (banking/saving and home and utilities) are heavy and overstuffed. This afternoon I sorted out the home and utilities file and managed to find some stuff to shred or store elsewhere.
Pathetic file decluttering result

Slightly skinnier, organised file. Still tatty, though.
And the file looks a bit skinnier, and is certainly more organised. I think it's time I invested in some new files - maybe when I've sorted out the banking/saving file - that's cheered me a bit, I love new stationery!

That's it for today. I'll do the banking one tomorrow, and go shopping on Thursday for new folders (yay!).


  1. Wow what a huge difference already! All my paperwork is just in a box file that embarrassingly sits under a side table in the living room *blush* I'd love to get it more organised and have an excuse to buy something pretty!

  2. I am so thrilled! My first comment! Thank you.

    It isn't that big of a difference (the cupboards still look as bad, but Rome wasn't built in a day). I highly recommend doing it gradually (I did it while watching something on TV to ease the agony!) and think of the lovely stationery you can buy when you're done!