Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Things I've learned from other bloggers

Apparently, this was all over blogland and Pinterest, but completely passed me by until I read this post by Jen at I Heart Organizing.

Here is my drawer 'before' - despite only have two appliances in there, they still used to get tangled, and I'd pick up the hairdryer, only to have the plug of the straighteners fall on my foot. That hurts a lot :-(

I used cut up kitchen roll insides, rather than loo rolls (I used to volunteer in a primary school, and using the insides of toilet rolls for any crafty activities was frowned upon for hygiene reasons). I also don't have scrapbook paper, so I used wrapping paper.

And there you have it, the after shot. No more plugs landing on my feet in the morning.

Simple, but brilliant.

Thanks Jen, and all the other bloggers and pinners, for sharing.

Happy decluttering!

Lemons xx

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