Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hi. Again.

Well, finally I think I'm back for good.

I've been studying and settling my elder son into college and it all took over somewhat.

The picture I've chosen to use for this post is called 'Be Free' and I felt it was very apt - I'm more free now than I have been for about 20 years, which is both scary and exciting.

While I've been away I've been thinking about what to do with this blog, and have some posts lined up about dealing with sentimental clutter, like photos and memorabilia, alongside some other decluttering projects.

I'll be back soon - and that's a promise!

Lemons xx


  1. Please do return soon. I'm curious how you might organize the sentimental clutter.

    1. Thanks for still being there, Terri!

      The sentimental clutter posts are being planned as I type - I'll definitely be back soon. x

  2. It seems like a big change in your life and I'm sure the beggining for a richer life.Sentimental clutter is the hardest to deal with so like Terri asks keep us informed.

  3. Hi Angie - look out for the first sentimental clutter post this week ....