Sunday, 24 April 2011

East, west, home's best ....

'Home is the sailor, home from the sea' (Robert Lewis Stevenson) and home is my little family, from ... Vegas. I know I said here that we were off to Japan, but due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami, our trip was cancelled. We didn't have much time to choose a new destination, so we plumped for Vegas, and we had a good time.

I feel like the worst blogger of all time, as my blog is so sadly neglected, but now we are back I hope to rectify that.

I've been interested in decluttering and home organisation for a very long time - back when I was about 12 I first read Shirley Conran's Down with Superwoman  and knew I'd 'met' a kindred spirit! Since then, I've read a great many books on decluttering and organising, so here's a little list. Most of these are available in my local library, so if you're interested in reading them, you may not even have to buy them and clutter your house with another book!

I hope they help somebody!

Happy decluttering! xx


  1. That is sooo funny, I also read and loved the Superwoman book by Conran from an early age - and followed up with all those you list, and more ;))

    One that really changed things, though, not specifically a decluttering one, was Janet Luhrs The Simple Living Guide, because it pulled everything together at a deeper level.

    Enjoyed finding your blog! (I came from Sal at Already Pretty)

  2. Hi Mel - thanks for your kind comment. I will take a look at the Janet Luhrs book x